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Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation

Russian company starts exporting Essentuki mineral water to Azerbaijan


Russian company Holding Aqua, a subsidiary of the state-owned company Kavminkurortresursy (KMKR), has started to export mineral water "Essentuki No.4" and "Essentuki No.17" to Azerbaijan, TASS reported referring to KMKR's press service.

"The Russian enterprise has concluded a contract on "Essentuki No.4" and "Essentuki No.17" deliveries to the Republic of Azerbaijan". Azerbaijan will be supplied with mineral water, mined and bottled in the Caucasian Mineralnye Vody city. In the near future, the company's exports to other countries will also be launched," the message said.

Some 48,000 bottles of mineral water have already been shipped to Azerbaijan within the framework of the agreement. The parties plan to expand cooperation and increase the volume of supplies. For the case of export to Azerbaijan, water will be produced with a special label, written in Russian and Azerbaijani.

"Our enterprise not only exports Essentuki to the Azerbaijani market, but also prepares to start deliveries of products to a number of other countries, including Israel, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Essentuki is a brand with a history. I am confident that our Russian brand will have a worthy place on the shelves of foreign stores. However, we firstly need to fully meet the demand within the country," General Director of Holding Aqua Suleyman Vagapov said.

State Company Kavminkurortresursy is the largest subsoil user of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. The company has the right to extract mineral waters from five deposits - Kislovodsk, Yessentuki, Beshtau, Pyatigorsk and Zheleznovodsk. The company owns Tambukan deposit of therapeutic mud, 210 wells of mineral water, more than 50 km of mineral water pipelines.

A source: TREND

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