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Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation

Foreign investors show interest in agricultural projects in Crimea


Foreign investors are increasingly interested in potential of the agricultural sector of the republic of Crimea, Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Alexey Gruzdev told TASS.

Gruzdev is the Commissioner General of Russian participation in the International Horticultural Exhibition EXPO-2019.

"At all levels, we are marking the growing interest of foreign investors. We will welcome the participation of Chinese companies in projects in the Republic of Crimea," he said.

"Thanks to its environmental conditions and active development of infrastructure this region is of great interest for investment projects, in particular in agriculture. The Yalta International Economic Forum, which was held recently, reaffirmed this," he added.

According to the Deputy Minister, Crimea has a huge potential as a "unique international tourist center with wide recreational opportunities, fantastic nature and ancient historical monuments."


The International Horticultural Exhibition EXPO 2019 with the participation of 86 countries and 24 international organizations is held in Beijing from April 29 to October 7.

According to the organizing committee, the exposition area covers 960 hectares. The main theme of the exhibition - Live Green, Live better - expresses the desire of the mankind for a greater harmony with nature.

The theme of Russia’s site at the expo is "Russian garden: from roots to fruits."

The territory, which houses three art objects, symbolizing the harmony of nature and man in modern parks, exceeds 1,800 square meters. It recreated landscapes illustrating the biological diversity of the middle zone and the Far East, the Crimea and the Caucasus of Russia. Representatives of many countries of the world, including North Korea, showed interest in the Russian exposition. TASS acts as the general information partner of the exhibition.

Source: TASS

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