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Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation

Extended SPIEF program with sustainable development as key topic has been revealed


The extended business program of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum scheduled for June 6-8, 2019 containing the sessions’ brief descriptions has been postedon the Forum’s official website, press service of Russia's Roscongress Foundation, the organizer of the forum, said in a statement on Tuesday. The key topic of the Forum is ‘Creating a Sustainable Development Agenda’.

The program consists of four thematic blocks. The first bloc dubbed ‘The Global Economy in Search of a Balance’ features sessions on the most topical issues of global macroeconomic development, including changes in the structure of the world economy and trade in the era of digitalization, competition and regulation on the consumer market, balance of commercial goals and the objectives of sustainable development in business. Several sessions will be devoted to the impact of climate change on the development of today’s world, conservation of the World Ocean and ecotourism.

The next bloc named ‘The Russian Economy: Achieving National Development Goals’ will focus on ways to stimulate economic growth as a basis for achieving national development goals. The sessions will look at topics such as attracting investment into national projects, the quality of the investment environment, protection of investors' rights and promotion of high-tech Russian exports.

Sessions within the ‘Technologies Shaping the Future’ track will concentrate on the opportunities and challenges implied by the development of technology and digital transformation of the economy. Development of artificial intelligence and cyberthreats, digitalization of certain sectors of the economy, as well as international cooperation in science, will be discussed.

Source: TASS

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