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Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation

Russian official describes Iran as special trade partner for Russia


The deputy provincial governor of Russian southern province of Saratov says that Iran is a special economic partner for Russia, adding developing economic, cultural and political relations with Tehran is on the agenda of his province.

Alexey Vladimovich, deputy provincial governor of Russian Saratov province, made the comments in a meeting with the provincial governor of Golestan province in northern Iran on Saturday.

He said that agricultural products have been exported from Saratov province to Iran.

The Russian official described his province as one of the major agriculture hubs in Russia which plays a significant role in Russia’s agriculture industry.

He went on to describe Iran as a special economic partner for Russia, adding that Iran-Russia bilateral relations are the highest level now and the leaders of the two countries have joined efforts to increase economic, cultural and political relations.

Vladimovich further noted that there are good grounds for developing tourism industry and scientific cooperation between Iran and Russia, adding that the authorities in Saratov are seeking to increase cooperation with Iran and Golestan province. He also said that Russian side is trying to increase the volume of joint production and bilateral exports.

Source: TACC

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