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Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation

Brexit creates big opportunities for Russia-UK cooperation — Russian business ombudsman


Brexit opens great opportunities for cooperation between Moscow and London, Russian business ombudsman Boris Titov said on Wednesday at the fifth Russian-British Business Forum (RBBF).

"When looking at relations with Russia, great opportunities emerge for us because the United Kingdom will have greater freedom in making decisions. The EU certainly put them into a certain framework, the political and economic one," Titov stated.

"Russia had been in talks on the establishment of a free trade zone with the EU for a long time. Regrettably, they ended in nothing. The United Kingdom and Russia have an opportunity now to start talks on this issue anew," the business ombudsman went on.

"If we agree, this will create very good ground for these relations to outpace our relations with Europe, the US and China in terms of their dynamics, because we are mutually supportive economies. We can have not merely very good trade; opportunities are being created primarily in the investment sphere," Titov noted.

"If assuming for five minutes that we have no political barriers burdening this situation, then the economic effect can certainly be incredible," he added.

The main topic of RBBF 2019 is the Digital Infrastructure and Industries.

Source: TASS


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