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Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation

Russian Innovation Center talks Uzbekistan’s benefits from mutual co-op


An agreement signed between Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Innovative Development and Russian Skolkovo Innovation Center provides for the exchange of experience in organizing IT incubators, accelerators and venture financing of promising projects in the field of information technology and innovation, the head of the Department of Regional Development of the Skolkovo Fund Alexander Okunev told in an interview.

The Ministry of Innovative Development of Uzbekistan and the Russian Skolkovo Innovation Center have signed an agreement to support Uzbekistan’s startup projects.

"Yes, such an agreement has been signed. It provides assistance the modernization process in economic and social fields through the use of innovative technologies, products and services, including those developed during the implementation of the project for the creation and development of the Skolkovo Innovation Center," Okunev said.

According to the agreement, Okunev added, Skolkovo will develop the activities of the IT Park and Uzbekistan’s Yashnobod Innovation Technopark based on the best practices of the Skolkovo Technopark, including the creation of a favorable ecosystem for the development of startups in the field of IT and innovation, and attract Skolkovo mentors to promotion of startup projects of the IT Park of Uzbekistan.

"In addition, the Skolkovo project participants do not just sell their solutions to Uzbekistan, but work with local scientific community, create production and new jobs there," head of the Department of Regional Development of the Skolkovo Fund said.

Okunev noted that the Skolkovo project participants are finding new partners. It should be emphasized that the Skolkovo Fund is not included in the shares of companies and does not claim their intellectual property.

"Our goal is the development of innovative infrastructure," head of the Department of Regional Development of the Skolkovo Fund emphasized.

The Skolkovo Foundation cooperates with all CIS countries. The closest relations with Belarus - out of 2,000 participants in the Skolkovo project, more than 50 companies have Belarusian roots. Over 200 Skolkovo residents collaborate with colleagues from Belarus. Cooperation with Kazakhstan is also actively developing - more than 20 Skolkovo participants have implemented their developments in Kazakhstan, opened branches and created new jobs.

The Skolkovo Foundation is the Operator of the Interstate Program of Innovation Commonwealth of the CIS Member States until 2030. Within the framework of this program, conditions are created for the organization of business by innovative companies in different CIS countries. For example, the company from Belarus "AeroEnergoProm", within the framework of the program, opens production in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Skolkovo has programs for foreign companies, including those from the CIS countries. For example, Skolkovo program’s Softlanding’s participants can use the same services as Skolkovo residents for three months and can be accommodated in the Innovation Center for free. The first to participate in the program were five high-tech companies from South Korea.

Source: TREND

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