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Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation

Belarus confirms signing agreements with Russia on oil supplies in 2020


Minsk has confirmed signing contracts with Russian oil company Rosneft for the supply of up to 9 mln tonnes of oil to Belarusian refineries in April-December 2020 by stating that these contracts are "part of the indicative balance." This is according to a statement spokesman of Belarusian oil and gas company Belneftekhim Alexander Tishchenko made on Friday.

Earlier Rosneft announced that it had concluded agreements for the period from April to December 2020 with OJSC Naftan, CJSC BNK and OJSC Mozyr Oil Refinery. Under these agreements, Rosneft will supply 9 million tonnes of oil to the Belarusian refineries in 2020.

"The agreement in question is the standard format for formalizing cooperation for a year. In the framework of the signed intergovernmental agreement between Belarus and Russia, an indicative balance of oil supplies for 2020has been determined, which is 24 mln tonnes. In order to implement that [intergovernmental] agreement such agreements are signed annually with all suppliers," Tishchenko said.

According to him, "the contracts formally determine the indicative balance of supplies, taking into account a specific supplier."

"In fact, they [contracts] fix the capabilities of Belarusian plants for orders and Russian companies for deliveries. Monthly volumes and prices of deliveries are fixed in additional agreements," the spokesman noted.

Source: TASS

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