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Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation

EAEU countries’ Chief Sanitary Inspectors discussed preparing Union documents amid COVID-19 pandemic and easing current restrictions


The meeting of the Council of Heads of authorized bodies in the field of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the Eurasian Economic Union has presented information on approving by the Intergovernmental Council a Comprehensive Plan in the field of health and sanitary and epidemiological welfare on preventing the spread of coronavirus infection and other infectious diseases in the EAEU as well as approving by the EEC Board provisional sanitary and epidemiological requirements to organizing the work of "green corridor (transportation route)" facilities at the customs border and customs territory of the Union.

It was noted that the Commission had developed a draft document on defining approaches to resuming international railway traffic and was ready to work it through at the expert level.

Considering the epidemiological situation, a number of Member States remove previously imposed restrictions. For example, nowadays the Republic of Belarus has no requirements for a 14-day observation for incoming citizens and the PCR diagnostic tests for COVID-19 are non-binding.

A 14-day isolation for people arriving in the territory of the Russian Federation by regular air flights has been canceled since July 15. Foreign citizens arriving in Russia by regular flights shall provide information about negative result of the COVID-19 test obtained using the PRC method taken no earlier than three calendar days before arrival, and the Russian citizens arriving by regular flights shall provide results of the COVID-19 test within three calendar days.

Furthermore, the Russian Federation continues to remove previously imposed restrictions in view of the epidemiological situation in each particular region. Theaters, cinemas, and resorts start operating again in the country; it is allowed to organize sports events.

Source: EEC

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