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Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation

Russia and Germany will work out ways to make it easier for Russian exporters to enter the German market


This was announced by Vladimir Ilichyov, Russian Deputy Minister of Economic Development, during a meeting with Michael Harms, Executive Director of the Eastern Committee of the German Economy, and Matthias Schepp, Chairman of the Board of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce.

Vladimir Ilichyov noted that a list of areas planned for consideration by the Council is now being actively drawn up.

"The work of the Economic Council did not stop during the intersessional period. It is important for us that the Economic Council has practical relevance," emphasized the Deputy Minister.

"We welcome this new bilateral body because it focuses on projects and business issues. It will very soon discuss important topics such as decarbonisation, German investments in Russia, and the development of Russian exports to Germany. From climate protection, the digital economy, Industry 4.0, to tackling the coronavirus crisis and developing the health system, Germany and Russia are facing common major challenges. The Economic Council will make an important contribution to these bilateral projects," commented Michael Harms.

The parties discussed the agenda of the forthcoming meeting of the Russian-German Economic Council, in particular:

  • development of Russian exports, namely the creation of mechanisms to facilitate the admission and entry of Russian exporters into the German market;
  • health economy, including joint cooperation between Russian and German medical and technical enterprises within the Health Economy national project, as well as the development of exports of medical services;
  • the conditions of entry into the country for entrepreneurs;
  • digitalisation: localisation of foreign software products.

Matthias Schepp, Chairman of the Board of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (CC) and Head of the German Economic Mission in Russia, stated: "The meeting with our partners from the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, where we discussed cooperation in many areas including export, digitalisation and healthcare, was very productive and reinforced our hope that the long-standing economic cooperation between Russia and Germany will continue".

"We look forward to a successful partnership within the Russian-German Economic Council, where we intend to initiate new joint projects, discuss strategic issues and solve problems of our companies," he added.

Climate and carbon regulation were also discussed during the meeting. According to Vladimir Ilichyov, standards for climate projects are to be created and they will include a wide range of categories, from energy efficiency to forestry activities.

In addition, the parties have agreed to hold a panel discussion within the Economic Council in April on developing cooperation in the field of oncology.

"We are now waiting for a suggestion from the German side on the agenda of the panel discussion to form the list of participants from the Russian side," Ilichyov added.

For reference:

The Russian-German Economic Council was established in 2020 following a meeting between First Deputy Prime Minister A.R. Belousov and representatives of German business aimed at expanding Russian-German investment cooperation and increasing the investment prospects of the Russian Federation, promoting the interests of Russian businesses in the German market, and discussing and resolving problematic issues raised by German companies in their activities in Russia.

The first meeting of the Council took place on 11 December 2020 in a videoconference format.

The second meeting of the Russian-German Economic Council is scheduled for 14 April 2021, also in a videoconference format. 

Source: Ministryof Economic Development of the Russian Federation

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