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Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation

Russian, US businesses share interest in mutual cooperation, says Russian deputy PM


Russian and American businesses are interested in their cooperation and it can be proved by this year’s 40% increase in bilateral trade against the same period last year, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Overchuk told journalists following his visit to Washington.

"It is obvious that the economic agenda needs a boost," he said. "American companies work in Russia, they are staying in Russia and want to keep working more in Russia."

"It would be of no surprise if I cited our trade figure for this year, which boasts a 40-percent increase against the previous year," Overchuk continued.

"It underlines the mutual interest, which the Russian and American businesses want to share," he added.

The Russian deputy prime minister arrived in the American capital of Washington DC on Thursday to head Russia’s delegation at the autumn session of Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group (WBG) in Washington.

Overchuk held meetings with Word Bank Group President David Malpass, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman and US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

Word Bank Group President David Malpass hailed as ‘informative’ talks with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Overchuk. "We held informative talks on several issues, including IDA20, comprehensive approaches to debt and debt transparency, energy sector reforms and climate change," Malpass wrote on his Twitter account.

Source: TASS

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