Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation

Invest to Russian regions


Regional governments present special regional opportunities for investment with sufficient information about regions advantages and readyness to meet investors goals and objectives.

Industrial areas of Russian regions 



Regional presentations, Investment portals, investment passports, economic zones

Altai Territory

Presentation of investment potential of Altai Territory (rus)

Presentation of investment potential of Altai Territory 

Presentation of Altai Territory (rus)

Presentation of Altai Territory

Buklet of Altai Territory

Amur Region

Presentation Amur region (rus)

Presentation Amur region about Ignatievo Airport (rus)

Astrakhan Region

Presentation about Astrakhan Region

Special Economic Zone “Lotus” (rus)

Special Economic Zone “Lotus”

Arkhangelsk Region

Presentation Arkhangelsk region (rus)

Presentation Arkhangelsk region

Presentation Arkhangelsk region Creation of peat briquettes production (rus)

Presentation Arkhangelsk region Creation of peat briquettes production

Presentation Arkhangelsk region Deepwater of the Port (rus)

Presentation Arkhangelsk region Deepwater of the Port

Presentation Arkhangelsk region Belkomur (rus)

Presentation Arkhangelsk region Belkomur

Presentation Arkhangelsk region Investment offer Mineral powder (rus)

Presentation Arkhangelsk region Investment proposal Boxes (rus)

Presentation Arkhangelsk region Investment proposal Farm (rus)

Presentation Arkhangelsk region Investment proposal for the market of closed ground (rus)

Presentation Arkhangelsk region Investment proposal Orthopedic footwear (rus)

Presentation Arkhangelsk region Investment proposal Seed Potatoes (rus)

Presentation Arkhangelsk region Construction of a small fishing freezer (rus)

Presentation Arkhangelsk region Investment proposal Purchase of a fishing freezer (rus)

Belgorod Region

Presentation of Belgorod region

Presentation of Belgorod region (rus)

Bryansk Region

Presentation of Bryansk region

Presentation of Bryansk region (rus)
Chelyabinsk Region

Presentation of Chelyabinsk region (rus)

Presentation of Chelyabinsk region 

Chukotka Autonomous Area

Investment passport (rus)

Jewish Autonomous Region

Presentation of Jewish Autonomous Region about railway bridge across the Amur River (rus)

Investment potential of Jewish Autonomous Region (rus)

Investment potential of Jewish Autonomous Region

Presentation Jewish Autonomous Region about IP Brusit (rus)

Presentation Jewish Autonomous Region about IP Graphite LTD Dalgraphite (rus)

Presentation Jewish Autonomous Region about IP Olovo (rus)

Presentation Jewish Autonomous Region about Project of building (rus)

Presentation Jewish Autonomous Region about IP Vesna (rus)

Far East

Development of Aquaculture at the Russian Far East

Irkutsk Region

Presentation Irkutsk region about The Baikal Museum of Water (rus)

Presentation Irkutsk region about The Baikal Museum of Water

Presentation Irkutsk region about DEGA (rus)

Presentation Irkutsk region about DEGA

Presentation Irkutsk region about Kapitalstroy sanitary paper products (rus)

Presentation Irkutsk region about Kapitalstroy sanitary paper products

Presentation Irkutsk region about OSB Baikal (rus)

Presentation Irkutsk region about OSB Baikal

Presentation Irkutsk region about The hotel complex on Lake Baikal (eng and rus)

Investment passport Irkutsk region (rus)

Investment passport Irkutsk region

Video Irkutsk region about SEZ (rus)

Video Irkutsk region about SEZ (rus)

Ivanovo Region

Investment passport of Ivanovo Region (rus)

Kamchatka Territory

Exporters directory Kamchatka Territory (rus)

Presentation Kamchatka Territory (rus)

TOP Kamchatka Territory (rus)

Kemerovo Region

Investment passport Кemerovo region

Investment passport Кemerovo region (rus)

Kaliningrad Region

Investment passport Kaliningrad region (rus)

Investment passport Kaliningrad region 

Presentation about Kaliningrad Region

Kaluga Region

Presentation of Kaluga Region (rus)

Presentation of Kaluga Region

Kirov Region

Presentation Kirov region

Krasnoyarsk Territory

Investment passport Krasnoyarsk Territory (rus)

Kurgan Region

Presentation Kurgan region (rus)

Kostroma Region

Investment passport Kostroma region

Investment passport Kostroma region (rus)

Investment portal for Kostroma region

Presentation Kostroma region

Presentation Kostroma region (rus)

Krasnodar Territory

Presentation of Krasnodar Territory (rus)

Presentation of Krasnodar Territory

Khabarovsk Territory

Investment passport (rus)

Kursk Region

Presentation Kursk Region (rus)

Presentation Kursk Region

Presentation Kursk Region about LTD STANDART (rus)

Presentation Kursk Region about LTD STANDART

Presentation Kursk Region about industrial scales (rus)

Presentation Kursk Region about industrial scales

Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area – Yugra

Yugra youtube

Support Center exports Ugra

Investment passport of Ugra (rus)

Investment passport (rus)

Leningrad Region

Investment potential Leningrad region (rus)

Investment potential Leningrad region

Lipetsk Region 

Presentation Lipetsk region

Presentation Lipetsk region (rus)

Investment potential Lipetsk region

Investment potential Lipetsk region (rus)


Presentation of Moskow (rus)

Presentation of Moskow 

Moscow Region

Presentation Moskovskay Region (fra)

Presentation Moskovskay Region (jpn)

Presentation Moskovskay Region (ita)

Presentation Moskovskay Region (kor)

Presentation Moskovskay Region (deu)

Presentation Moskovskay Region (cze)

Presentation Moskovskay Region (fin)

Presentation Moskovskay Region

Magadan Region

Presentation of Magadan Region

Presentation of Magadan Region (rus)

Murmansk Region

Investment potential Murmansk region (rus)

Presentation Murmansk region (rus and eng)

Booklet Murmansk region (rus)

Booklet Murmansk region

Nizhny Novgorod Region

Presentation Nizhny Novgorod (rus)

Investment potential of Nizhny Novgorod Region (rus)

Nenets Autonomous Area

Investment passport Nenets Autonomous Area (rus)

Novosibirsk Region

Presentation Novosibirsk region

Presentation Novosibirsk region (rus)

Novgorod Region

Presentation Novgorod region (rus)

Presentation Novgorod region

Penza Region

Investment passport of Penza Region (rus)

Perm Territory

Investment potential Perm Territory

Primorye Territory 

Primorye Territory (rus)

Primorye Territory 

Pskov Region

Presentation Investment potential of Pskov Region

Presentation Investment potential of Pskov Region (rus)

Presentation Investment sentence of Pskov Region (rus)

Republic of Adygeya

Presentation Investment potential of Republic of Adygea

Presentation Investment potential of Republic of Adygea (rus)

Republic of Bashkortostan

Presentation Investment potential of Bashkortostan (rus)

Presentation Investment potential of Bashkortostan

Republic of Buryatia

Presentation Buryatia (rus)

Republic of Daghestan

Presentation about investment project Gornaya Zdravitsa (rus)

Investment potential of Republic of Dagestan (rus)

Republic of Ingushetia

Presentation Republic of Ingushetia (rus and eng)

Republic of Kalmykia

Passport of the Republic of Kalmykia (rus)

Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

Investment potential of KBR RUS-ENG

Karachayevo-Circassian Republic

Presentation Karachayevo-Circassian Republic (rus)

Presentation Karachayevo-Circassian Republic

Republic of Karelia

Investment passport of the Republic of Karelia (rus)

Presentation of the White Sea Port

Presentation of the White Sea Port (rus)

Komi Republic

Presentation of the Komi Republic (rus)

Presentation of the Komi Republic

Republic of Crimea

Investment portal

Investment proposals of the Republic of Crimea RUS-ENG

Republic of Mordovia

Investment potential of Mordovia

Investment potential of Mordovia (rus)

Presentation of Republic of Mordovia

Presentation of Republic of Mordovia (rus)

Republic of Mari El

Investment potential of the Republic of MariEl (rus)

Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Presentation Of Sakha (Yakutia) (rus)

Presentation Of Sakha (Yakutia)

Investment project Of Sakha (Yakutia) about Hilton Garden Inn (rus)

Investment project Of Sakha (Yakutia) about Hilton Garden Inn

Investment project Of Sakha (Yakutia) about Kolmar (rus)

Investment project Of Sakha (Yakutia) about Kolmar

Investment project Of Sakha (Yakutia) about construction of a bridge across the r. Lena (rus)

Investment project Of Sakha (Yakutia) about construction of a bridge across the r. Lena

Republic of North Ossetia – Alania

Presentation of North Ossetia - Alania (rus)

Republic of Tuva

Investment passport Tuva

Republic of Tatarstan

Presentation of Republic Tatarstan 

Presentation of Republic Tatarstan (rus)

Kamsky Industrial Park "Master"

Kamsky Industrial Park "Master" (rus)





Technopolis Himgrad

Technopolis Himgrad (rus)

Interregional Competence Center

Interregional Competence Center (rus)

Unified information and educational environment of the Republic of Tatarstan

Unified information and educational environment of the Republic of Tatarstan (rus)

Investment potential of Republic of Tatarstan (rus)

Investment potential of Republic of Tatarstan

Udmurtian Republic

Passport Udmurtian Republic (rus)

Presentation Udmurtian Republic (rus)

Presentation Udmurtian Republic

Videofilm about Udmurtian Republic (rus)

Videofilm about Udmurtian Republic

Republic of Khakassia

Investment passport of Khakasia RUS-ENG

Chechen Republic

Investment potential Chechen Republic (rus and eng)

Chuvash Republic

Presentation Chuvash Republic (rus)

Presentation Chuvash Republic

Rostov Region

Investment passport Rostov region

Ryazan Region

Presentation of Ryazan Oblast (rus)

Presentation of Ryazan Oblast

Samara Region

Special economic zone "TOGLIATTI"


Industrial Zones of Saint-Petersburg (rus)

Industrial Zones of Saint-Petersburg

Industry and Innovations of Saint-Petersburg (rus)

Industry and Innovations of Saint-Petersburg

Investment projects of Saint-Petersburg (rus)

Investment projects of Saint-Petersburg

Investor's Guide of Saint-Petersburg (rus)

Investor's Guide of Saint-Petersburg

Directory of Saint-Petersburg (rus)

Directory of Saint-Petersburg

Presentation of Saint-Petersburg about "PHARMA" (rus)

Presentation of Saint-Petersburg about "PHARMA"

Tax benefits of Saint-Petersburg (rus)

Tax benefits of Saint-Petersburg

Saratov Region

Investment passport Saratov region

Investment passport Saratov region (rus)

Sakhalin Region

Investment potential of the Sakhalin Region (rus)

Severnaja Osetija-Alanija

Investment projects

Smolensk Region

Investment development Smolensk region (rus)

Investment development Smolensk region

Presentation Smolensk region (rus)

Presentation Smolensk region

Investment potential Smolensk region (rus)


Presentation Sebastopol (rus)

Passport of Sebastopol (rus)

Stavropol Territory

Presentation Stavropol Territory (rus)

Presentation Stavropol Territory

Sverdlovsk Region

Passport Sverdlovsk Region (rus)

Passport Sverdlovsk Region

Presentation of Sverdlovsk Region about Bogoslovsky Industrial Park (rus)

Presentation of Sverdlovsk Region about Bogoslovsky Industrial Park 

Industries of Sverdlovsk region (rus)

Industries of Sverdlovsk region (ch)

Omsk Region

Presentation about Omsk Region (rus and eng)

Orenburg Region

Orenburg (rus) 

Orel Region

Presentation Orel Region (rus)

Presentation Orel Region

Tambov Region

Investment potential Tambov Region (rus)

Investment sites Tambov Region (rus)

Tomsk Region

Presentation Tomsk region (rus)

Presentation Tomsk region

Tula Region

Investment portal

Regional presentation

Tyumen Region

Presentation Tyumen region (rus)

Presentation Tyumen region

Investment potential Tyumen region (rus)

Investment potential Tyumen region

Tver Region

Presentation of Tver Region (rus)

Ulyanovsk Region

Presentation Ulyanovsk region

Presentation Ulyanovsk region (rus)

Vladimir Region

Investment potential Vladimir region

Volgograd Region

Investment potential Volgograd Region (rus)

Investment potential Volgograd Region

Presentation Volgograd Region about Complexe Agro-industriel (rus)

Presentation Volgograd Region about Complexe Agro-industriel

Presentation Volgograd Region for tourists (rus)

Presentation Volgograd Region for tourists (1)

Presentation Volgograd Region for tourists (2)

Presentation Volgograd Region (rus)

Presentation Volgograd Region

Voronezh Region

Investment potential of Voronezh Region (rus)

Investment potential of Voronezh Region

Vologda Region

Presentation Vologda region

Investment potential of Cherepovets

Investment proposal «Organization of a shipyard in the Sheksna water area»

Vologodskaya yagoda

Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area

Presentation Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area (rus)

Link to the investment brochure Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area

Presentation Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area (rus)

Presentation Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area

Investment potential Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area (rus)

Investment potential Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area

Yaroslavl Region

Presentation of Yaroslavl Region (rus)

Presentation of Yaroslavl Region

Trans-Baikal Territory

Investment project of Trans-Baikal Territory (rus)

Investment project of Trans-Baikal Territory

Natural Resource Potential of Trans-Baikal Territory (Rus)

Natural Resource Potential of Trans-Baikal Territory