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Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation

Russian Associations & Unions

Products Industries (0)

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Companies by name

Branch union / business associations Title Industry/Product
11 Russian-Association-of-Tea-and-Coffee-Producers-Rusteacoffee Russky-Product
Processing of tea and coffee
12 Russian-Guild-of-Bakers-and-Confectioners-RBC
Manufacture of bakery and farinaceous products
13 Russian-Union-of-Juice-Producers-RSPS Nidan-Juices
Manufacture of fruit and vegetable juice
14 Russian-poultry-union
Raising of poultry
15 Kombikorm-Union-of-Russia
Manufacture of prepared animal feeds
16 The-National-Union-of-Grain-Producers
Growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds
17 Russian-Union-of-Crop-Protection-Chemicals-Manufacturers
Manufacture of pesticides and other agrochemical products
Miscellaneous chemical products
18 National-Union-of-Swine-Breeders
Raising of swine/pigs
19 SPAP-Union-of-Alcohol-Production-Manufacturers
Distilling, rectifying and blending of spirits
Manufacture of wine from grape Manufacture of cider and other fruit wines Manufacture of other non-distilled fermented beverages Manufacture of beer Manufacture of malt
20 The-Union-of-Flour-and-Cereal-Plants
Manufacture of grain mill products

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