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министерство экономического развития российской федерации

Russia and Japan set 2018 fishing quotas in Kuril Islands zone


Russian and Japanese officials have established the fishing quotas for Japanese vessels in the Southern Kuril Islands area for 2018, the Japanese Fisheries Agency said on Wednesday.

The quota will remain unchanged as compared to this year’s, and will stand at 2,180 tonnes of fish in total.

A total of 48 Japanese fishing vessels received permissions for fishing. They are expected to catch 995 tonnes of Alaska Pollock, 216 tonnes of octopus and 777 tonnes of Okhotsk atka mackerel.

In exchange, the Japanese government will pay Russia 21.3 million yen (about 11.2 million rubles at the current exchange rate) and supply research equipment worth 21.1 million yen (11.1 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

This year, Russia and Japan increased mutual quotas for fishing in the two countries’ exclusive economic zones by 2.6%, to 65,135 tonnes.

Source: TASS

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