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Russia to send goods to Uzbekistan via agro-express trains


Russia will supply meat, dairy and confectionery products to Uzbekistan through agroexpress (specialized railway service for delivering food products), Alevtina Kirillova, project manager for the development of export logistics at the Russian Export Center (REC).

Recently it was reported that the Russian, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan railway companies, together with Russian Export Center (REC), are working on the possibility of launching express trains across the three countries.

"The development of the launch of agro-express trains is underway - together with the railways of Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The Russian export center acts as an integrator for launching such trains," said Kirillova.

Kirillova added that it is planned to supply Russian meat and dairy and confectionery products to Uzbekistan with these agricultural expresses. Deliveries of fruits and vegetables are considered as reverse loading.

Project manager at REC stated that the quality of fruits and vegetables is very high in Uzbekistan and there is a demand for them in Russia.

"We expect that the rail companies of all three countries will benefit from the launch due to an increase in freight traffic. As part of the negotiations, certain agreements were reached on the possibility of parity tariff discounts from carriers. The provision of such a tariff discount, in turn, will be a good incentive measure to attract freight traffic," Kirillova emphasized.

Source: TREND

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